4 of the Best Rivers to Row on in New Jersey

If you are looking for a great place to row, look no further than New Jersey! The Garden State has some of the best rivers for this activity, and each one offers its own unique set of challenges and scenery. In this article, we will take a look at five of the best rivers to row on in New Jersey. We’ll discuss their history and length, as well as some of the other activities that can be enjoyed on them. So pack your oars and get ready to hit the water!

The Delaware River

best rivers to row on in new jersey
James Loesch, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Delaware River has an impressive history and still plays a vital role in both economic growth and environmental conservation. Stretching over 282 miles and crossing four states, it is undoubtedly one of the longest rivers in the United States. The river is considered to be one of the original thirteen American Colonies’ boundaries and even served as a demarcation between West Jersey and East Jersey prior to being declared as such.

In more modern times, it is known for supplying water to many of its surrounding cities and providing release points for ships. The extensive ecosystem around the Delaware River also provides an important habitat for fish like striped bass, brown trout, American shad, and various types of crayfish that make their homes on its banks. From providing transportation routes for early settlers to its current integral role in sustaining life downstream, it’s clear why this majestic body of water has been such an essential part of our country’s history from its very beginning.

Rowing is a popular activity on the Delaware River. The wide open expanse of the water, rolling gently beneath its many bridges, provide the perfect physical and psychological environment for an afternoon or morning of rowing. Nothing beats gliding through calm streams surrounded by flowering trees and evergreen forests. A day spent with friends in a boat or on your own in a single scull is an excellent way to experience nature without sacrificing adventure. Whether you want to explore the nearby communities, enjoy wildlife sightseeing, or simply sit back and take in the scenery, rowing offers something to everyone along the picturesque Delaware River.

The Raritan River

Best rivers to row on in new jersey
Zeete, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Raritan River is a popular destination for rowing enthusiasts near the New York and New Jersey areas, due to its extensive range of beautiful scenery and naturally calm waters. Spanning almost 70 miles, the Raritan River passes through some of New Jersey’s most vibrant cities and landscapes. It has been historically used for diverse activities ranging from fishing and farm irrigation to water-powered industry during the 19th century, as well as recreational activities like canoeing or rowing.

Many high-level rowing clubs line the banks of the river, providing accessible practices and classes, as well as competitive and recreational rowers with ideal conditions in which to practice their sport. Along with several private rowing schools that are scattered throughout, there are also university-level organizations such as Rutgers Crew Club, who frequently partake in regattas on the Raritan. In this way, the iconic Raritan River provides a wide array of experiences to those living near it and is undoubtedly an incredible asset to its surrounding communities.

The Passaic River

best rivers to row on in new jersey
Daniel Case, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Passaic River is a winding waterway that runs through New Jersey that provides both picturesque scenery and adventure for visitors and residents alike. Spanning roughly 80 miles, and going through New Jersey’s most iconic cities, the Passaic River is truly a beautiful river to row on. One unique way to explore the river is by participating in rowing. For those looking to take up the sport, the Passaic River has many local rowing clubs that offer classes and training sessions.

Clubs such as the Passaic River Rowing Association and The Ridgewood Crew row on this river every single day. These clubs provide experienced instructors who will teach the basics of rowing, such as proper form, techniques for navigating currents and strength-building exercises. One of the Regattas – The Head of the Passaic, has been going since 2000 which goes to show the level of skill that it takes to row on this river. No matter your age or skill level, clubs along the Passaic are sure to have offerings that fit your needs; with enough dedication and practice, you can even go from beginner to advanced rower in only a few short months.

The Mullica River

best rivers to row on in new jersey
Brian W. Schaller, FAL, via Wikimedia Commons

With its winding bends and at just over 50 miles long, the Mullica River is a well-known rowing river suited for both seasoned rowers and novices. Its marshland atmosphere provides an area of diverse wildlife, including Herons, Great Egrets, Canada Geese and more for boaters to enjoy as they pass. Rowing clubs located in the ridge area of Southern New Jersey welcome visitors from all parts of the country who come to explore the almost untouched beauty of this beloved river.

Working together with local conservation efforts, these clubs boast modern trainers and equipment that ensure both rowing safely and having a fun experience while on the Mullica River. Rowing clubs like The Cedar Creek Crew row on this river almost daily, and enjoy its beautiful scenery. They even provide rowing camps for people to attend and enjoy the beautiful river they call home.

It’s easy to see why all of these rivers are revered for their beauty and scenery. With so many clubs calling these rivers their homes it’s no wonder why they’re popular destinations for people from all across the country to come and visit. With regattas being held on these rivers yearly, they become destinations not only for the rowers that row on these rivers daily but also for other rowers to come and visit and enjoy.

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Q: Where are some of the best rivers to row on in New Jersey?

A: There are several rivers in New Jersey that provide an excellent opportunity for rowing, such as the Raritan River, the Passaic River, and the Mullica River.

Q: What kind of clubs offer rowing on these rivers?

A: Local rowing clubs are abundant in New Jersey, and many of them specialize in rowing on the Raritan River, Passaic River and Mullica River.

Q: Are there any regattas on these rivers?

A: Yes! The Head of the Passaic is an annual regatta held on the Passaic River that has been going since 2000. This regatta provides an opportunity for both experienced and novice rowers to compete, as well as take in the stunning scenery of this beloved river.

Additionally, rowing clubs along these rivers are sure to have additional regattas throughout the year.