Rowing vs Running For Weight Loss

Rowing vs Running For Weight Loss

Are you looking for an effective way to lose weight? There are lots of popular exercises that promise amazing results, but which one is the best option for shedding extra pounds and toning up your physique? If you’re torn between running and rowing, fear not– in this blog post we go through a comprehensive comparison … Read more

How to Row on a Rowing Machine

rowing machine

Embarking on the fitness journey of rowing? You’re in for a treat! A fantastic full-body workout, rowing not only gives your muscles a run for their money but also takes your cardiovascular fitness up a notch. But, like any other exercise, mastering the rowing machine starts with understanding the correct technique. In this article, we’ll … Read more

Low-Impact Rowing Exercises for Seniors

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Are you a senior athlete looking for safer ways to stay active and engaged? Low-impact rowing is an ideal exercise choice with great benefits. Not only is low-impact rowing effective and convenient, but it also offers less joint pain than more intense activities like running or jumping. In this article, we’ll explore the many ways … Read more

Are Rowing Machines Good?

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Are rowing machines good? That’s a question many fitness enthusiasts find themselves asking when exploring their workout options. The answer is a resounding “yes”! Rowing machines offer a plethora of health benefits, from cardiovascular conditioning to total body toning. As an exercise that engages 86% of your muscles, rowing serves as a comprehensive workout solution. … Read more

Can You Get Into Shape by Just Using a Rowing Machine?

Rowing Machine

Ever wondered if a single piece of fitness equipment could redefine your fitness journey? Let’s delve into an interesting narrative about the unsung hero of the gym – the rowing machine. This efficient, full-body workout tool is more than just a seat, a fan, and a handle; it’s a vessel that can navigate you to … Read more

Why Am I Gaining Weight When I Start Rowing

Start Rowing

Rowing is often touted as an effective, low-impact exercise to shed pounds and improve cardiovascular health. So, it can be quite perplexing when you notice the numbers on the scale creeping up after you start rowing consistently. This article delves into the possible reasons behind this seemingly contradictory phenomenon. Whether it’s muscle gain, water retention, … Read more

How Quickly Will I See Results From Rowing?

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The anticipation of results is often the driving force behind every fitness journey, and rowing is no exception. Picking up the oars for the first time can be a thrilling experience, but also one filled with questions and speculation about when the fruits of your labour will become evident. “How quickly will I see results … Read more

Rowing Shoes: The Options

Rowing Shoes: The Options

Are you looking for the perfect pair of rowing shoes? If so, you’re in luck! Having the right footwear can make a huge difference in your performance on the water and having options is essential. We all have different styles and preferences when it comes to our gear, so let’s explore what type of shoes … Read more

What Rowing Does to Your Body


Rowing, often underestimated as merely a water sport or a pastime activity, is in fact a comprehensive form of exercise that engages your entire body. This low-impact, high-intensity workout is not just about navigating a boat through the water or pulling on the handle of a rowing machine—it’s about the transformative journey your body undertakes … Read more