The 10 Best Female Rowers in History

people paddling on white row boat

There have been some amazing female rowers throughout history, and in this article, we will take a look at the five who have achieved the most. These women come from different countries and backgrounds, but they all share one common passion – rowing. They have all competed at the highest level possible and achieved incredible … Read more

5 Indoor Rowing Sprints Every Rower Trains For

Indoor Rowing

Some of the best times I have ever had when I was training for intense sprints was when I was competing against my teammates to see who could get the fastest time on an erg or who could go the furthest distance in a time challenge. I’ll never forget competing in an indoor rowing competition … Read more

When are you an elite rower?

Elite is a word to describe the best. The top of the field. The greatest. In rowing when we think about elite rowers we think of Sir Steve Redgrave, the most successful rower in Olympic history. He obtained his final Olympic gold at the ripe old age of 38 years old. Some would have described … Read more

Marginal Gains For Rowing – The Simple Science Behind it

Marginal Gains

In this article, I’ll be going over how making small changes to your every day habits can improve your overall performance both on and off the water by using marginal gains. I will be basing this article on the book Atomic Habits written by James Clear. “When nothing seems to help. I go and look … Read more

10 Essential Items Every Rower Should Have in Their Kit Bag


Whether you’re a novice rower or an experienced oarsman, having the right gear can significantly enhance your performance and overall experience on the water. It’s not just about the boat or the oars; it’s also about the essential items you carry in your kit bag. These items might seem trivial, but they play a crucial … Read more

The 10 Pantry Essentials Every Rower Should Have at All Times

Pantry Essentials

Any professional rower will tell you how important it is to eat throughout the day. The average calorie intake of an elite rower is around 5,000 calories a day. This is to offset the sheer amount of exercise that is done daily. Today, I’ll be going over some pantry essentials that you should have around … Read more