5 Indoor Rowing Sprints Every Rower Trains For

Indoor Rowing

Some of the best times I have ever had when I was training for intense sprints was when I was competing against my teammates to see who could get the fastest time on an erg or who could go the furthest distance in a time challenge. I’ll never forget competing in an indoor rowing competition … Read more

Can I use the Maffetone Method to help my rowing?

The Maffetone Method – you might have heard of it, but can it really be applied to your rowing training? This question has sparked curiosity among a wide range of athletes, from recreational rowers to professional competitors. The answer, while not straightforward, is rooted in understanding the intricate relationship between endurance training and rowing performance. … Read more

Can squatting help you row faster?


Can squatting truly make you row faster? This is a question that has intrigued novices and professionals alike in the world of rowing. The answer may surprise you, but it’s rooted in understanding the complex relationship between strength training and rowing performance. As we delve into this fascinating topic, we’ll explore how squats, a fundamental … Read more

Marginal Gains For Rowing – The Simple Science Behind it

Marginal Gains

In this article, I’ll be going over how making small changes to your every day habits can improve your overall performance both on and off the water by using marginal gains. I will be basing this article on the book Atomic Habits written by James Clear. “When nothing seems to help. I go and look … Read more

The Number 1 Rowing Workout For Endurance and Stamina


Rowing has been a favourite activity of the upper-middle class for the majority of the last century. Since early 2000, it has become much more accessible to people from other backgrounds. Whilst the majority of rowers are doing it for general cardio fitness, for fun, or to maybe burn some extra calories, some rowers want … Read more