Concept2 Rowing Machine Accessories: Enhance Your Workout Experience

Concept2 rowing machines are widely popular for their build quality, performance, and longevity. To enhance the user’s experience and maintain the efficacy of these indoor rowers, a variety of accessories are available in the market. These accessories optimise performance, enable device integration, and support proper maintenance and care.

Essential accessories for Concept2 rowing machines include seat pads for extra comfort, heart rate monitors for tracking fitness data, and floor mats to protect flooring. Performance enhancement gear, like rowing gloves and sweatbands, can significantly improve the overall rowing experience. Maintenance and care accessories, such as chain oil and replacement parts, ensure that the rowing machine continues to function effectively.

Device integration solutions, like smartphone cradles and heart rate receivers, facilitate users who want easy access to their data. There are even rowing machine enhancements that allow users to simulate water rowing resistance. Selecting the perfect combination of accessories can tailor the rowing experience to individual preferences and needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Accessories focus on enhancing comfort, performance, and device integration on a Concept2 rowing machine
  • Proper maintenance with specialised accessories keeps the machine functioning efficiently over time
  • Customising the indoor rowing experience is achievable with performance-enhancing accessories and device integration solutions

Essential Accessories for Concept2 Rowing Machines

Seat Pads and Comfort

When using your Concept2 rowing machine, comfort is essential to ensure a pleasant workout experience. A popular accessory to enhance comfort is a seat pad.

Seat pads can provide extra cushioning during your rowing workouts. This is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from discomfort or pain on hard rower seats. There are several seat pads available on the market, specifically designed to fit your Concept2 rowing machine.

Another accessory that can improve your rowing experience is rowing gloves. Wearing gloves can help prevent blisters on your hands and enhance your grip on the handle.

Monitor Upgrades and Retrofits

In addition to seat pads for comfort, upgrading your monitor is an essential step to elevate your Concept2 rowing machine experience. The latest monitor available for Concept2 rowers is the PM5 monitor. The PM5 offers advanced features, including Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility for heart rate monitors, improved display options, and multiple workout options.

For those with older versions of the Concept2 rowing machine, such as PM3 or PM4 monitors, a PM5 retrofit kit can be purchased to upgrade your monitor. This kit provides you with all the necessary parts to replace your old monitor with the new PM5 version.

Upgrading your monitor not only enhances the capabilities of your rowing machine but also ensures better tracking of your workout data, allowing you to monitor your progress over time.

In summary, seat pads and monitor upgrades are essential accessories to enhance your Concept2 rowing machine experience. They provide comfort during workouts and offer improved data tracking, which is crucial for ensuring a successful rowing journey.

Performance Enhancement Gear

Heart Rate Monitoring

A crucial aspect of your rowing workout is monitoring your heart rate, which can help you track your fitness progress and maintain an optimal training zone. One popular option for Concept2 rowing machines is the Polar H10 Heart Rate Transmitter with Belt. This device utilises Bluetooth and ANT+ technology to display your heart rate data directly on the Performance Monitor, enabling you to adjust your workout intensity in real-time.

Another option is the Dynamic Heart Rate Receiver Kit, which pairs with most heart rate monitors, including those from the Polar brand. This kit is compatible with Concept2 rowing machines and seamlessly connects to the Performance Monitor, providing you with accurate and continuous heart rate feedback during your workout.

Dynamic Rowing Attachments

To further enhance your rowing experience, consider adding dynamic attachments to your Concept2 machine. The Dynamic Link is an accessory that adapts the standard RowErg to mimic the feel of rowing on water with minimal impact on the rower’s joints. This results in a more realistic and challenging training session, promoting better technique and endurance.

Additionally, some accessory options can improve the comfort and utility of your Concept2 rowing machine. For example, you might invest in a Tractor Seat for added support or purchase the Tall Legs Retrofit Kit to raise the rower for easier accessibility.

In summary, incorporating performance enhancement gear like heart rate monitors and dynamic rowing attachments into your Concept2 rowing machine can elevate your training experience. By keeping track of your heart rate and simulating real water rowing, you’ll maximise the effectiveness of each workout and see long-lasting results.

Maintenance and Care Accessories

Protective Covers and Mats

Keeping your Concept2 rowing machine in top condition requires some essential accessories. One of the best ways to maintain your equipment is to invest in a protective cover and mat. A high-quality indoor rower cover is designed to keep your rower free from dust, dirt, and sweat, prolonging its lifespan. Mats not only protect your floors from scratches and damage but also reduce noise and provide a non-slip surface for safer rowing sessions.

Replacement Parts and Tools

Concept2 rowing machines are built to last, but occasionally, some parts may need to be replaced to ensure optimal performance. A maintenance kit contains essential replacement parts and tools such as chain oil, nickel chain with connectors, and drive cord with barrel.

Regularly applying chain oil keeps the machine running smoothly, while a nickel chain with connectors offers an easy-to-clean replacement for the standard chain and a more rust-resistant alternative. Is your drive cord showing signs of wear? The drive cord with barrel is a direct replacement for the original, ensuring consistent performance.

Adding these maintenance and care accessories to your cleaning routine will ensure that your Concept2 rowing machine remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Remember that regular maintenance from daily wiping down the monorail to implementing periodic chain lubrication is crucial to your rower’s long-term performance. By investing in protective covers, mats, and essential replacement parts, you can row confidently, knowing your machine is well-maintained and ready for action.

Device Integration Solutions

Smartphone and Tablet Holders

One popular accessory for the Concept2 rowing machine is the smartphone cradle, which allows users to easily access their devices during workouts.

This accessory is particularly helpful for those who use rowing apps or want to watch videos while exercising. The Device Holder Retrofit Kit is a great option for securing your devices on the Concept2 rowing machine. It’s compatible with most smartphones and tablets, including devices with a vertical clamping range from 3 to 9 inches (7.5-23 cm).

The device holder features an adjustable lower bracket, ensuring an easy switch between different devices. It is also compatible with most device cases, ensuring your device remains securely in place during your workouts.

Data Connectivity Accessories

To enhance your indoor rowing experience, it’s essential to have access to accurate performance data. The Concept2 rowing machine includes a variety of data connectivity accessories.

One essential accessory is the indoor rower logcard, which stores your workout data, allowing you to track your progress and improvements over time. This logcard is easily transferable between Concept2 machines, making it a convenient option for users who frequent multiple locations.

For those using Android devices, the Android cable connects your smartphone or tablet directly to the Performance Monitor on your Concept2 rowing machine. This cable enables you to view real-time rowing data using your preferred fitness app, ensuring a seamless integration between your devices.

The Concept2 rowing machine offers various device integration solutions, including smartphone and tablet holders and data connectivity accessories. These accessories provide a convenient and engaging workout experience, ensuring that indoor rowing remains an enjoyable and effective form of exercise.

Remember to choose the appropriate accessories based on your device type, and follow proper installation and usage recommendations for the best results.

Rowing Machine Enhancements

One popular accessory for the Concept2 rowing machine is the Concept2 Slide. Slides can be connected to the rowing machine, enabling it to move back and forth, simulating on-water rowing. This accessory provides a more realistic rowing experience and helps improve technique.

Another useful accessory for Concept2 rowing machines is the Dynamic Link. The Dynamic Link converts a stationary indoor rower into a dynamic rower, allowing users to move their indoor rowers with the same motion as on-water rowing. This accessory enhances rowing workouts by providing a more authentic and engaging experience.

For those looking to increase the height of their rowing machine, the Tall Legs Retrofit Kit is an excellent option. This kit adds 6 inches to the height of the rowing machine, making it easier for taller users or those with mobility issues to mount and dismount the machine. The increased height also provides a more comfortable workout position, especially for users with longer legs.

Some additional enhancements and accessories for the Concept2 rowing machine include:

  • Seat Pads: Offering extra cushioning and support, seat pads can improve comfort during long rowing sessions.
  • Rowing Mats: These mats protect the floor and help to dampen noise during workouts.
  • Chain oil: Regular application of chain oil helps to maintain the smooth operation of the rowing machine and reduces wear and tear.

Incorporating these rowing machine enhancements and accessories can significantly improve the overall rowing experience, adapting the equipment to suit individual preferences and needs.