Countdown to Paris Olympics 2024: A Guide to Rowing Events

In just a little over a year, the world will turn its eyes to Paris for the 2024 Olympic games. This is sure to be an exciting event, and rowers from all over the world will come together to compete in some of the most challenging races. In this article, we will take a look at the schedule for rowing events and discuss some of the most anticipated match-ups. Stay tuned – the countdown to Paris Olympics 2024 has officially begun!

Paris Olympics 2024
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Saturday 27th July 2024

On Saturday 27 July 2024, some of the most exciting and anticipated rowing events will take place at the Paris Olympics. Hundreds of athletes from around the world will be competing for gold in six different events; the men’s and women’s single sculls, double sculls and quad sculls. All eyes across the rowing world will be concentrated on Paris as each athlete strives to perform to their best ability and secure a spot atop the winner’s podium. The contestants are sure to bring a high level of competitive racing that spectators and viewers alike will be excited to watch. It is certain to be a thrilling day of sport!

Sunday 28th July 2024

Sunday 28th July 2024 promises to be an exciting day in Paris at the Olympic Games, with a variety of events taking place in the rowing discipline. On the day, men’s and women’s pairs will take place. Spectators can catch a glimpse of both men’s and women’s lightweight double sculls, as well as both men’s and women’s fours, all occurring on the same day. Also on that day is the repechage for both men’s and women’s single and double sculls. All of these events promise to bring drama and excitement to the waterways, making it an unmissable occasion for athletes and fans alike.

Monday 29th July 2024

Monday 29th July 2024 is a day that many rowing fans will have circled on their calendars, with the men’s and women’s eight races both taking place at the Paris Olympics. Also occurring this same day are the semifinals for the men’s and women’s single sculls, as well as the Repechage for a range of double, quad and pairs events.

This means that a total of ten races will be held, kicking off what is sure to be an exhilarating afternoon of top-level competition from some of the finest rowers in the world. With medals on offer across each event, athletes will be giving everything they have to make sure they come away as champions when all is said and done.

Tuesday 30th July 2024

On Tuesday 30th July 2024, the rowing events at the Paris Olympics really kick off with a full day of exciting and engrossing boat racing. The action begins with the men’s single scull quarterfinals followed by the women’s single sculls quarterfinal. Later on in the day, viewers will be treated to the semifinals of both the men’s double sculls and women’s double sculls. But that’s not all; also included in this jam-packed schedule is the Repechage for the men’s four and women’s four, giving us even more opportunity to cheer on our favourite competitors and watch them take their next steps toward rowing Olympic gold!

Wednesday 31st July 2024

On Wednesday 31st July 2024 at the Paris Olympics, rowing events will be in full swing. The day’s excitement will start with the semifinals for the men’s and women’s single sculls, pairs, and lightweight double. Then the ultimate showdown of rowing mettle – the finals for Men’s Quad Sculls and Women’s Quad Sculls – will captivate audiences in the afternoon.

Rowers around the world have been training tirelessly to reach this historic moment, and be sure to cheer on all their efforts! Broadcasting live from the beautiful National Olympic Nautical Stadium of Île-de-France in Vaires-sur-Marne, the Paris Olympics promises intense excitement as rowers strive to attain Olympic glory!

Thursday 1st August 2024

On Thursday 1st August 2024, the rowing events that are scheduled at the Paris Olympics are sure to draw a large crowd. In the semifinals, both men and women will be competing in the single sculls event as they challenge themselves and strive for victory. That same day there will also be a final session of double sculls and fours in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Additionally, a repechage of eights has been organized in both categories too.

The pressure is now on for athletes to prove themselves and make it through this highly anticipated Olympic competition while aiming for the coveted gold medal position. It is certain that excitement is all around on this day when top athletes will battle it out racing to glory on the water.

Friday 2nd August 2024

Friday, 2nd August 2024 is a day of rowing excitement at the Paris Olympics. Six thrilling events will be taking place: the finals for the men’s single sculls, the women’s single sculls, the men’s pair, the women’s pair, the men’s lightweight double sculls, and the women’s lightweight double sculls. Each competitor has competed fiercely to make it to these finals; a world of rigid training, sweat and determination lies behind them.

With these rewards in sight, spectators can expect an even tighter competition between each athlete than ever before; every position will be fought for tooth and nail as each competitor strives to take home gold on this unforgettable day.

Saturday 3rd August 2024

On Saturday 3rd August 2024, the final day of Olympic rowing in Paris will witness some exciting sculling events. For the men, a nail-biting finish is expected for the men’s single sculls event with many Olympians eager to take home an all-important gold medal. Meanwhile, the women’s single sculls final will see several world champion contenders battle it out for a podium finish.

Along with these events, two exhilarating eights racing finals are also lined up – one for men and one for women: both of them showcasing some of the best athletes in the world. All in all, it’s all set to be an action-packed final day, filled with excitement.

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