The Best Rowing Clubs in Michigan

If you enjoy rowing or are looking for a great way to exercise, Michigan is the perfect place. With numerous lakes and rivers, there are plenty of chances to get out on the water. And, if you want to join a club or compete in races, there are some great options available. Here are just a few of the best rowing clubs in Michigan.

Ann Arbor Rowing Club

The Ann Arbor Rowing Club in Michigan is one of the best teams in the area. Since 1976, Argo Pond has been the proud home of the University of Michigan’s Men’s Crew Team and their participation in national rowing competitions. In the 1980s, Ann Arbor Rowing Club (back then called Arbor Rowing) also joined in with only a few rowers and boats sheltered outdoors on racks. Constantly growing its number and level of competitiveness, the club now stands for an impressive display of strength and skill!

The Ann Arbor Rowing Club’s boathouse was built in 2001 and 2002 under a 15-year renewable lease with the City of Ann Arbor. AARC is presently home to 120-200 active members, trained by competent rowing and sculling coaches. The sport of rowing has seen an upsurge in popularity among local organizations that strive for excellence.

The Organization of Ann Arbor Rowing (OAAR) is a unified organization that brings together rowing teams and community members of the Ann Arbor area for safe, standard, and collaborative water use. This includes all Ann Arbor-based groups, such as the University of Michigan’s team & AARC along with Huron High School in 1993, Pioneer High School in 1999 and Skyline High Schools’ team, which joined OAAR just in 2009.

The Ann Arbor Rowing Club offers its members and local community invaluable experiences and opportunities through regattas, social activities and fundraising initiatives. With knowledgeable coaches leading the way, this team has earned tremendous success in multiple district championships plus achieved state-level victories, as well as widespread recognition for their unparalleled commitment to rowing excellence. The club is a true asset to the region!

Grand Rapids Rowing Club

The Grand Rapids Rowing Club, located in Michigan, USA, is a competitive rowing program established in 1997. It offers an opportunity for all levels of athletes, from beginner rowers to experienced juniors and adults, to develop their skills and athleticism.

The club’s purpose is to help promote the sport of rowing in West Michigan by providing instruction and opportunity to a diverse group of local people interested in learning and competing in rowing. The club has hosted several events, including the Midwest Masters Rowing Championships and continues to actively participate in rowing regattas each season.

Furthermore, they serve as mentors for other local clubs, helping them improve their technique and reach their goals. The Grand Rapids Rowing Club are dedicated to fostering a strong bond within the community while also honing skills that can last a lifetime!

Bay City Rowing Club

Located in Michigan, USA, the Bay City Rowing Club provides recreational and competitive rowing opportunities to individuals of all experience levels. Supported by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaching staff, the Bay City Rowing Club encourages rowers to reach their highest potential.

The regattas, events and programs provided by the club cover a broad range of interests for everyone involved; from introducing those curious about the sport to experienced Olympians who need top-tier training facilities.

By introducing and championing the sport of rowing, Bay City Rowing Club (BCRC) strives to foster healthy lifestyles in individuals of all ages. Founded over 30 years ago, BCRC continues to mentor novice and experienced rowers throughout the Great Lakes region while encouraging them to explore this exhilarating water-based activity.

BCRC delivers unparalleled rowing opportunities to the surrounding area, such as:

-Commencing rowers with comprehensive training programs.

-Offering recreational rowing for leisure and enjoyment.

-Providing competitive racing events throughout the season.

-Accommodating boat storage needs of patrons.

-Organizing social activities year-round.

The official BCRC rowing season begins in April and concludes when weather conditions make it unsafe to go out on November’s treacherous waters; however, exact dates may vary depending on river levels!

Wyandotte Boat Club

With its roots dating back to 1875, the Wyandotte Boat Club is an established 501c(3) non-profit organization and serves as a pillar for rowing in the midwest with more than 600 members. The WBC champions programs such as a summer competitive rowing program, six high school rowing teams, a master’s program, and learn-to-row opportunities for adults and youths.

Located in the breathtaking city of Wyandotte, Michigan, the Wyandotte Boat Club is a one-of-a-kind gathering place for boaters and anglers alike. Built on a pier parallel to the Detroit River, this club offers members ultimate access to incredible aquatic activity year-round. Whether you’re looking to join other boating enthusiasts or take advantage of their unique amenities and events, the Wyandotte Boat Club has it all.

With daily docking services and hassle-free waterways, boaters will thrill at their boat slips. At the same time, anglers can try their hand at fishing with spectacular catches and friendly competition in annual tournaments. With exclusive access, stunning views and unbeatable company, the Wyandotte Boat Club is sure to become your favourite destination.

Lake Leelanau Rowing Club

Lake Leelanau Rowing Club is located in the stunning landscape of Northern Michigan and the Greater Grand Traverse area, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization offering recreational adult rowing, competitive high school rowing, sculling education and sport.

Our spectacular grounds at Fountain Point Resort—a national historic district and one of Michigan’s oldest waterfront resorts—attract rowers and scullers from all over the state, region and country to experience our 20 miles of picturesque waters! The Lake Leelanau Rowing Club in Michigan is a unique program, offering action-packed classes to rowers of all ages and levels.

This club takes advantage of Lake Leelanau’s beautiful blue waters to teach students how to properly use their rowing stoke and build agility, speed and confidence on the water. Led by experienced coaches who have a passion for introducing the sport of rowing, this excellent program helps individuals progress in a welcoming environment.

Specializing in small, supportive classes with a maximum of four athletes per coach, it’s understandable why this exciting club attracts rowers from many backgrounds each year. Participants build solid muscles and gain overall improved health from partaking in rowing classes at the Lake Leelanau Rowing Club and make lifelong memories and priceless friendships that will last for years.

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