The Best Rowing Clubs in Berlin, Germany

There are many great rowing clubs in Berlin, but only one can be the best. In this article, we will take a look at the history and the different offerings of the top clubs in Berlin. We will also explore where each club is located and what competitions they participate in. Let’s get started!

Berlin Rowing Club Aegir e.V.

The Berlin Rowing Club Aegir e.V. was founded on April 29, 1914, as the “Cöpenicker Rudergesellschaft” and is located in the heart of Berlin, Germany. The club offers rowing classes for beginners as well as for elite rowers. The club has won numerous competitions, including the German National Championships, the European Club Crew Championships, and the World Club Crew Championships.

The club is also a member of the Deutsche Ruderverband (German Rowing Association) and the Internationale Ruderunion (International Rowing Federation). The club has approximately 200 members who either compete or use the facilities for leisure. In the past, the BRC Ägir had to fight other clubs for ownership of their desired waterfront property–a problem many water sports clubs face.

The court confirmed their right to claim in the autumn of 1993. The club trains on the River Spree, which runs through the city of Berlin. The club’s facilities include a gym, a sauna, and a rowing tank. The club also has its own auxiliary ship, which is used for training and competitions.

Rowing Club at Wannsee e.V.

With approximately 600 members, Wannsee’s rowing club is one of Berlin’s largest out of the 60 or more rowing clubs. Women and girls have been able to row with us since 1974, even though when we first opened in 1906 it was just a men’s club. The RaW is also notable because we’re the only rowing German club that owns its own island- Kälberwerder.

The country-style clubhouse, which was completed in 1908 and renovated in 2006, is located on the east bank of the Großer Wannsee. The best place to watch the sunset during balmy summer evenings is from the porch of our clubhouse while enjoying a drink from our economy.

The RaW offers the Whitsun concert every year on Whit Monday as part of its cultural offerings. Summer festivals, our victory celebration and special offers from our club economy at Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve as well as “Wannsee in Flammen”, the end of the season for Stern and Kreisschiffahrt, with a final fireworks display right in front of the RaW jetty, round off the offer.

The RaW considers itself a family club. Children as young as 10 can learn to row with us, just like adults. The oldest beginner was 73 (!), which goes to show that rowing is a sport people of any age can enjoy and helps keep you healthy and fit well into old age.

At Jung-RaW, we have almost 100 children and young people learning how to row. We are one of the largest youth rowing clubs in Berlin, and we welcome kids as young as 10 years old. Our 12 honorary supervisors take care of all aspects of training and further education.

Our current competitive sports department is headed by a full-time trainer and has 26 active members. Our most successful athlete to date is our very own Katrinrutschow-Stomporowski, who won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Athens back in 2004. In 2008, our athletes started rowing at the U23 World Championships on Beetzsee in Brandenburg; and more recently, in 2012, we were able to win silver and place 6th at Raw London.

Potsdamer Rowing Club Germania e.V.

The Potsdam Rowing Club Germania eV is one of the oldest rowing clubs in Berlin, and it’s located on Großer Wannsee. The club has a long and eventful history, which makes it even more impressive. The lives of people living in a country’s capital are always closely linked to that country’s political, economic and socio-political events. This also applies to sports clubs such as rowing clubs, from the time of their imperial foundation era beginnings up until reunification. The events and changes of this century have had a lasting impact on the club’s history and fortunes.

Today, the club offers a wide range of classes for both beginners and experienced rowers, and it competes in a variety of local and national competitions. The club is located on the banks of the Rivers Havel and Spree, just a short distance from the city centre, and its members have won numerous medals at both the Olympic Games and the World Championships. If you are interested in learning more about this historic rowing club, or if you are looking for a challenging and rewarding sporting activity, then check out their website.

Rudergesellschaft Wiking e.V.

The RG Wiking is one of the most successful rowing clubs in Germany, with over 1800 victories to its name. With a focus on men’s rowing, the club has around 250 members (40 of whom are young people).

Greatest achievements to date include:

  • Winning three Olympic medals (two bronze)
  • Three world championships
  • Two Vice World Championships in 2014 and 2015 for men squad sculls
  • One World Championship U23
  • As well as 2 silver, and 3 bronze at the U23 World Championships. They also have 1 gold, silver and bronze each at European Championships. Lastly,36 German championships.

Rudergesellschaft Wiking e.V. is a rowing club located in Berlin, Germany. The club was founded in 1884 and has been based at its current location on the banks of the River Spree since 1920. The club offers a wide range of classes for both beginners and experienced rowers, and also competes in several local and national competitions.

Rudergesellschaft Wiking e.V. is one of the most successful rowing clubs in Germany, with a long history of success at both the local and national levels. If you are interested in learning to row or competing in rowing competitions, Rudergesellschaft Wiking e.V. is the perfect place to do it.


Q: Where is Rudergesellschaft Wiking e.V. located?

A: The club is located on the banks of the River Spree in Berlin, Germany

Q: What classes does Rudergesellschaft Wiking e.V. offer?

A: The club offers a range of classes for both beginners and experienced rowers

Q: What competitions does Rudergesellschaft Wiking e.V. compete in?

A: The club competes in a variety of local and national competitions, including the Olympic Games and the World Championships