The Best Rowing Clubs In Colorado

Are you looking for the perfect rowing club to get your float on? Look no further than Colorado! Dubbed the capital of outdoor recreation, this western state is home to some of the best rowing clubs around. From custom-designed lakes nestled in mountain valleys and loaded with amenities to quiet bays off the beaten path, Colorado offers something for all kinds of rowers. So grab your oars and change into your stretchy pants – it’s time to explore some of our favorite spots along Colorado’s waterways!

Overview of Rocky Mountain Rowing Club

The Rocky Mountain Rowing Club, based in Denver, Colorado, is a prominent rowing club that has been making waves since its inception in 1984. With the highest altitude, best facilities, and an enthusiastic community, this club stands out as one of the most notable rowing clubs in the Rockies.

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A Peek into the Club’s History

The Rocky Mountain Rowing Club started with a single shell and just two-dozen members but has grown tremendously over the years. It is now recognized as the largest rowing club in the Rockies region.

Program Offerings

Experienced Rowers Program

This program, led by Coach Lauren, is designed for seasoned rowers looking to enhance their skills in sweep boats. Participants are expected to have sufficient experience to set up a boat independently.

Mission and Objectives

The club’s mission extends beyond promoting rowing as a sport; it aims to foster members’ skills and encourage their participation in rowing competitions at various levels, including international, national, and regional.

Location Details

The Rocky Mountain Rowing Club is located within Cherry Creek State Park in Englewood, CO. This location offers an ideal environment for both recreational and competitive rowing.

Overview of Mile High Rowing Club

The Mile High Rowing Club is a leading youth rowing club based in Denver, Colorado. Known for its competitive youth rowing programs, the club has earned a reputation for excellence and commitment to the sport.

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Journey Through Time: The Club’s History

Founded in 2008, the Mile High Rowing Club began as a community organization with a goal to foster local, national, and international interest in rowing. Over the years, the club has grown into a successful platform that has helped numerous college athletes sign up to row.

Programs and Classes

Youth Rowing Program

This program caters to young rowers aged 13-18. It focuses on developing their rowing skills while fostering a sense of team spirit and competitiveness.

Learn to Row Camps

These camps are designed to introduce novices to the sport of rowing. The only requirement for participation is a minimum height of 5’4″. The camps aim to develop confidence and leadership skills among the participants.

Location Insights

Operating on the waters of Cherry Creek Reservoir, the Mile High Rowing Club offers an ideal location for rowing. The club is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, providing an accessible and conducive environment for the sport.

Overview of Colorado Junior Crew

The Colorado Junior Crew (CJC) is a renowned rowing club that caters to athletes from 8th to 12th grade. The club is committed to fostering the sport of rowing among young athletes and providing an inclusive, supportive community.

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Insight into the Club’s Operations

Colorado Junior Crew offers both sweep rowing and sculling programs to its members. Practices are held at the Boulder Reservoir in Boulder, Colorado, from Monday to Thursday between 4:30 and 6 PM. This consistent schedule allows the athletes to develop their skills progressively over time.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

CJC runs several fundraisers throughout the year to gather funds for the purchase and maintenance of boats and equipment. The club continuously strives to improve its program through these initiatives.

Programs at CJC

The club offers general information about Colorado’s Premier Junior Rowing program, which started in August 2022. This program aims to bring together all CJC staff and athletes.

Rowing 101

For those new to the sport, CJC offers a “Rowing 101” program that provides a comprehensive introduction to rowing. This program covers the history of the sport, basic information, and even includes a viewer’s guide.

Location Details

CJC is based at the Boulder Reservoir in Boulder, Colorado. This location offers a conducive environment for rowing, allowing athletes to practice and compete in optimal conditions.

In-Depth Look at Loveland Rowing Club

Loveland Rowing Club (LRC) is a vibrant rowing community based in Loveland, Colorado. It’s dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing among adults in the region and has established itself as a hub for rowing enthusiasts.

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Delving into the Club’s History

The LRC was established in 2016 with an aim to bring together adult rowers in and around Loveland. Over the years, the club has faced numerous challenges but has consistently risen above them, creating a thriving community that shares a love for rowing.

Unveiling the Diverse Program Offerings

Learn to Row Program

Perfect for beginners, the “Learn to Row” program provides an excellent introduction to the sport of rowing. This three-day class covers the basics of boat handling, rowing technique, and safety measures. It’s a comprehensive course designed to make novices comfortable with the sport and prepare them to join regular club rows.

Membership Options

The club offers an annual membership option that runs from April through March. This membership comes with several benefits including access to land and water training sessions, use of club equipment during non-practice times (provided the member is certified), and participation in club events and social activities.

Regattas and Races

LRC members also have the opportunity to participate in regattas and races. While participation is not mandatory, it does provide an exciting and competitive element to the rowing experience.

Location Highlights

The Loveland Rowing Club operates on Boyd Lake, located within Colorado’s beautiful Boyd Lake State Park. The lake offers calm waters, making it an ideal recreational and competitive rowing location. Moreover, the stunning natural surroundings contribute to an enjoyable and serene rowing experience.

Overview of Row House Highlands Ranch

Row House Highlands Ranch is a premier fitness studio that offers an exciting and unique approach to full-body workouts through rowing.

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The Row House Journey

The Row House brand has made its mark in the fitness industry by offering a unique, high-energy rowing experience. The Highlands Ranch location carries forward this legacy by providing an engaging and fun environment for all fitness enthusiasts.

An Array of Classes

First Class Free

At Row House Highlands Ranch, they believe in letting you experience the workout before you commit. That’s why they offer the first class free for all new members.

Full-Body Workouts

Each class at the studio is a 45-minute, full-body workout session. These sessions are designed to be high-energy and engaging, providing a comprehensive workout experience that combines cardio and strength training.

Certified Coaches

The classes are led by certified rowing coaches who ensure that each member gets the most out of their workout. They create a supportive and energetic environment that motivates members to push their limits.

Location Details

Row House – Highlands Ranch is located at 9358 Dorchester Street, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129. The convenient location makes it easily accessible for residents in the area, and the state-of-the-art facilities ensure a comfortable and effective workout experience.

Rowing in Colorado is a fantastic activity to take up! Whether you’re an experienced athlete looking to compete at a high level or you are just starting out and looking for the perfect club, Colorado has something for everyone. With its beautiful scenery, amazing climate, and wide variety of rowing clubs available, it’s no surprise that rowing is such a popular pastime in the Centennial State. We hope that this article has helped give you an insight into the best clubs in Colorado.

You can learn more about them by heading to their websites to gather more information. Be sure to also explore your area thoroughly, if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, but don’t be disappointed – there’s probably another option available! So get out there and enjoy everything Colorado’s enchanting landscape has to offer! And remember, you can always read our other articles for more resources on getting involved with rowing around the world. Until next time!