The Best Rowing Clubs in Denver

Denver is a city that is known for its love of outdoor activities. This includes rowing, which has become a trendy sport in the city over the years. There are many different rowing clubs in Denver, and each one has something unique to offer its members. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best rowing clubs in the city and find out what makes them so unique.

Row House

Row House is different from the regular clubs that we look at on The Rowing Tutor. Row House is not an outdoor facility but an indoor gym that precisely delivers rowing workouts for its members.

We always want to provide our readers with the best information, so we wanted to include this one!

Row House strives to offer a comprehensive, calorie-burning full-body workout that is accessible and inviting to people of all shapes and sizes.

This unique rowing concept was founded in New York City to provide an exercise routine that strengthens your physical and mental health without wearing down your joints, as it uses 85% of the muscles in one’s body (arms, legs, core).

Take control over your lifestyle today by getting up off the couch to row yourself towards achieving new goals! At Row House, the synchronized group fitness experience is all about purpose.

Join a team-based environment that creates an unparalleled sense of community and fun! If you’ve never rowed before, don’t stress – they will teach you everything there’s to know so that everyone can jump on board and enjoy themselves.

Rocky Mountain Rowing Club

Founded in the Rocky Mountains, the Rocky Mountain Rowing Club is a 501(c)3 organization that offers rowing programs for all levels of experience. You can find it all here, from Learn-to-Row sessions to international competitive training opportunities!

The boathouse resides on Cherry Creek Reservoir’s southwest shore within Cherry Creek State Park, close to I-25 and I-225 (enter via West Entrance). Most rowers launch off at 5:30 AM seven days a week during the active season and have access to club equipment whenever desired.

At Cherry Creek State Park, the reservoir spans over a whopping 800 acres! Explore its stretches of 700m, 1200m, 1 mile & 4500m circuits. Depending on the day and week you visit, experience anything from tranquil waters to powerful whitecaps caused by jet skiers and powerboats.

For up-to-date information about wind directions and water temps (especially important when it dips below 55°!), make sure you check the weather reports.

RMRC members are no strangers to victory, having won medals at the US and Canadian Masters Nationals Sprints and Head Races, the Pan American Games, as well as World Rowing Championships.

Furthermore, several of their boats have held course records at the prestigious Head Of The Charles regatta. With over half a dozen local and regional competitions they attend each year, RMRC is sure to remain in contention for gold!

Mile High Rowing Club

The Mile High Rowing Club of Denver has a storied past. Founded in 2008, it’s one of the newer rowing clubs in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. It started as a gathering place for experienced rowers who wanted to maintain their athleticism, and since then, it’s grown into much more.

The Club now offers classes for beginner and intermediate rowers so that anyone can enjoy the incredible sport of rowing. More experienced members are encouraged to join competitions around Colorado or wherever else their skills take them.

Additionally, Mile High Rowing Club provides members with special access to clubs such as indoor rowing sessions, summer camps, and specialized coaches designed to improve form and pace.

Mile High Rowing seeks junior rowers from all around Denver, including Cherry Creek, Aurora, Evergreen and Parker. Many of their athletes have already experienced other high school sports but decided to make a shift in the pursuit of a new interest – one that Mile High Rowing can provide!

With some of their best rowers coming from varied sporting backgrounds, they are confident you will find what you’re looking for here too. Many of their athletes continue rowing in leading collegiate programs across the US.

In short, Mile High Rowing Club is an excellent choice for any rower looking to test their mettle on the waters of Denver!

West Norfolk Rowing Club

Suppose you’re looking for an outdoor activity that is not only enjoyable but also provides an excellent opportunity to explore the beauty of nature. In that case, West Norfolk Rowing Club is perfect!

Located at the Denver Sluice complex near Downham Market and rowing along miles of freshwater River Great Ouse waterways – WNRC opens its doors to everyone who wishes to join in and experience this unique sport.

West Norfolk Rowing Club in Denver is a vibrant and engaging rowing club that offers various classes to its members. Founded in 1998, the Club has an impressive history of providing top-notch instruction and support to its rowers.

From beginner-level courses for those just starting out to advanced-level lessons for experienced rowers, the Club offers a range of approaches to help rowers reach their full potential.

Members of West Norfolk have the opportunity to learn from certified coaches who use proven methods and techniques to improve performance. In addition, they host numerous social events throughout the year, helping members make connections with one another while having an enjoyable experience on the water.

West Norfolk Rowing Club provides all levels of rowers access to one of Denver’s premier rowing organizations.

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What Rowing Clubs are there in Denver?

There are several rowing clubs in Denver, including the Rocky Mountain Rowing Club, Mile High Rowing Club, and West Norfolk Rowing Club.

What should I wear to a rowing club?

It is essential to dress appropriately for any activity that takes place around water. For rowing, you should wear light clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in, such as shorts or sweatpants paired with a soft t-shirt. It is also essential to wear shoes that are non-marking and appropriate for wet conditions. Additionally, wearing a hat or sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

What skill level do I need to join a rowing club?

Most rowing clubs offer classes for beginner and intermediate rowers, so you can join without being an expert. Clubs like Mile High Rowing Club provide unique access to indoor rowing sessions, summer camps, and specialized coaches designed to improve your form and pace. Additionally, many of these clubs also offer advanced-level lessons for experienced rowers.

Do I need to have any special equipment?

Most rowing clubs will provide equipment such as oars, boats, and safety gear. However, checking with your Club before attending is essential to ensure you have all of the necessary items. Additionally, many clubs may require you to provide athletic clothing and shoes.

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