The Best Rowing Clubs in Texas

Texas is a great place to row. With its many rivers and lakes, there are plenty of places to enjoy this popular sport. If you’re looking for great rowing clubs in Texas, USA, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss the best rowing clubs in Lone Star State. We will talk about their history and how they cater to beginners. We’ll also mention the location and river that each club rows on. So if you’re ready to hit the water, read on!

Fort Worth Rowing Club

The Fort Worth Rowing Club was founded in 1974 and is located on Eagle Mountain Lake, just northwest of Fort Worth. The lake is a popular spot for rowing, as it offers beautiful scenery and is relatively calm compared to other bodies of water in Texas. The club offers a variety of rowing classes, from beginner to advanced, and also offers private lessons. The Fort Worth Rowing Club is dedicated to promoting rowing for recreation, fitness, and competition.

Rowing is a full-body exercise that provides numerous health benefits, and our club atmosphere is friendly and supportive. We welcome all adults 18 years and older to join us in achieving our goal of promoting rowing in the Fort Worth area for youth, open, and masters levels. The FWRC’s primary goals are to establish, promote, and support: Boy Scout merit badge rowing, local college/high school rowing programs, masters rowing, and competitive regattas.

As of now, the FWRC does not have an operational junior/youth program; however, they do plan on starting one soon as equipment and personnel become available. In addition to Eagle Mountain Lake, the club also rows on the Trinity River, which runs through downtown Fort Worth. The Trinity River is a popular spot for rowing and offers a variety of challenges for rowers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rower, the Fort Worth Rowing Club has something to offer you.

Greater Houston Rowing Club

The Greater Houston Rowing Club (GHRC) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1988. The main mission of the club is to provide facilities, equipment, and training for athletes of all levels who want to compete in regional or national regattas, as well as those who are complete beginners and just want to try the sport out. 

The Oyster Creek Boathouse, situated at the Sugar Land dam, provides several rowing options to those who want a calm activity. A 5,000 meter (3.5 miles) section below the dam offers a sheltered course on Oyster Creek while rowing upstream gives a 1,300-meter almost straight practice course with an extra 2,000 meters through a park area daily. Club and private 8s are available for 4s/quads.

Throughout the year, GHRC offers beginner classes and members often compete in local, regional, and national competitions and regattas. Three times a week, club members have “club rows” where college students and other rowers from around the world are welcome to come to enjoy a row with us. Afterwards, we typically socialize which is always enjoyable. This tradition encourages meeting new people within the rowing community.

The club is run by a Board of Directors elected by members, and officers help with business and operations. Members are also expected to contribute their time and talents to the club.

Dallas Rowing Club

The Dallas Rowing Club has been operating since 1983 to teach people about rowing and help them to reach their potential. The club works closely with youth to allow them to discover their passion for rowing. Members of the rowing community share a strong bond, as they are all united by their shared love of exploring all that this sport has to offer and constantly striving to become better rowers. The club offers different classes that cater to beginners, and it is located on the Trinity River.

The Trinity River is a river in Texas that flows for about 930 miles. It is the longest river in Texas and the 17th longest river in the United States. The Dallas Rowing Club rows on a stretch of the Trinity River that is about 26 miles long. The club has a boathouse that is located on White Rock Lake, which is a lake in Dallas, Texas. White Rock Lake is a man-made lake that was created in 1911. The lake is about 1,254 acres in size and has 9 miles of shoreline.

Bay Area Rowing Club

The Bay Area Rowing Club in Texas, USA was founded in 2003. It is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the promotion and development of the sport of rowing. The club offers a variety of programs for both beginners and experienced rowers.

BARC is located on Clear Lake, which is just outside of Houston. The lake is approximately 20 miles long and 10 miles wide, making it the perfect size for rowing. In addition, the bay area provides a beautiful backdrop for rowing, with its lush vegetation and calm waters. The club is open to all skill levels and offers a variety of classes to cater to everyone’s needs. Membership with BARC gives you access to row both sweep and scull.

The club owns eights, fours, quads, doubles, pairs, and singles boats, but we also can provide storage for privately-owned boats. In addition to this, we offer both sweep and sculling classes at a reasonable price. Our ‘Try It You’ll Like it’ sessions are perfect for those new rowing too. Whether your goal is recreation or competitive racing, joining BARC will help you achieve it!

Rowing Club of the Woodlands

RCTW offers many rowing opportunities to people of all skill levels, whether they desire recreation, intermediate training, or elite-level competition. They have been based in Northshore Park since 1989 and are registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Natural beauty surrounds rowers as they train on Lake Woodlands for personal purposes or national competitions. Previous members are now spread throughout the world.

The club is also home to several competitive rowers who regularly compete in local and national competitions. In addition to its classes and competitive team, the Rowing Club of the Woodlands also offers a recreational rowing program for those who simply want to enjoy the sport for its health benefits or take in the stunning scenery along Spring Creek. Whether you’re looking to get fit, compete at a high level, or simply explore The Woodlands from a different perspective, the Rowing Club of the Woodlands has something to offer everyone.

Austin Rowing Club

Three International regattas, which hosted rowing talent from all over the world as well as local enthusiasts, were held on Austin’s Lake McDonald (now called Lake Austin) in 1893-1895. Though the current version of ARC is only four decades old, records show that rowing has been a popular activity in Austin for much longer due to favourable lake conditions. The regattas were estimated to bring in 10,000 people and served as a way to show off Austin’s desirability as a location. Every major newspaper at the time covered the event and reported on the results, and in 1899 Austin Rowing Club was officially established.

The Austin Rowing Club is the oldest in Texas and was re-established ninety years ago. The original mission of the club when it started with just a single wooden eight was to teach anyone who wanted to learn how to row. Although rowing takes place on the water, the first challenge they faced was land-based: getting the donated Donoratico shell from NY Maritime to Austin. The boat’s journey north to the Head of the Charles regatta in Boston was only the beginning.

From there, it continued its travels on a Wisconsin boat trailer all the way back to Madison, Wisconsin–still 1,200 miles from its desired location. Finally, after months had passed and with no end in sight, two Austinites borrowed a boat trailer from Oklahoma and drove up to Madison themselves to begin what they hoped would be the long-awaited final leg southward.

The club is located on Lady Bird Lake, just south of downtown Austin, and offers a variety of rowing classes for all levels of experience. Beginners can take a Learn-to-Row class to get started, while more experienced rowers can join one of the club’s competitive crews.

The club also offers private lessons and adaptive rowing programs for those with physical disabilities. In addition to its rowing classes, the Austin Rowing Club is also active in promoting the sport through its youth programs and community outreach initiatives. As a result, the Austin Rowing Club has become an essential part of the city’s rowing community.

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